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What's Your Main Issues about Riders of Icarus

For My main issue is with the lack of info on the cash shop. I'm not looking for an itemized list, just a general idea of what they plan on selling (cosmetics, convenience, etc) because I've seen too many games that were great in closed beta get murdered by the monetization method in open beta. The fact that they are treating the cash shop like some top secret classified intel is just making me more and more suspicious by the day. I was all set to buy a founder's pack this week but decided to look into the cash shop first. Having found nothing I've been holding off, but I've got to say, every day I'm getting more and more convinced that I shouldn't be putting money into this game. It feels like they know most players will leave if they know how the company plans to make money so they are staying quiet for as long as they can to make as much money as they can off the founder packs. Someone mentioned in another post there might be a NDA that's keeping us in the dark, but that frankly just makes it worse. Why would there need to be a NDA in regards to plans for making money with this game? Every player knows every game made is for the sole purpose of making money. What are they planning? To spam us with microtransaction popups?




There's six days left before headstart. If nothing substantial is said about the cash shop/business model, I'm just not going to buy a founder's pack and stick to playing this game as a F2P player.

No Cash Shop info:
I'm with you on that one, I refused to buy one after seeing the items in it. Now the silence is just drawing this out. I'll only play when I see the cash shop and feel it's not going to try and nickel and dime me or put me at a disadvantage to big spenders.

Boring classes:
I tried Priest and Wizard, didn't feel amazed by either one. Priest combat was so depressing when I discovered I get 3 whole heals on a mount. 2 are HoTs with a CD and the last is a spammable AoE heal. I mean put some effort into it..give us a direct heal, an AoE HoT heal, AoE direct..and so on. Also the casting voices..please let me turn that crap off! I started a new character in Tera and had to edit the ini and remove most of them. Sounded like a cheap Korean orgy, was awful.

Pets and Mounts:
They're just right click items. The pets are scaled way down and the mounts are just modes of transportation with a skill or two that I never used. I had hoped for something more fun with more interaction and customization. Like having it summoned at all times instead of appearing out of thin air. Archeage had a good system, you right click to summon it and then it followed you around and you could mount and dismount. Black Desert Online even has a more similar system, summon horse from the stable and it stays out. Can mount and dismount it, but it doesn't follow you sadly. Even Dragon's Prophet tried a little harder. You can customize the dragons skills and such and summon it. There was a button to mount it as well, but no animation.

Teasing aside, I'll try to answer as small as I can.
I expect not to pay money for a game I don't know much about. There is no cash shop info and some questions are only just being answered. It is my money and I can choose what to do with it, I wasted hours of my life I'll never get back working for it, ya know?
Community is not a Cash Shop, so not sure how that relates. I'm not going to play a game that nickel and dimes me when I can play any AAA MMORPG with a set subscription and no price gouging.
Yes, I had the most fun in CBT2. Met these 2 girls and we tried to 3 man the raid since server was dead. Then we flew around trying to tame the red dragon, but couldn't due to bugs. Was still fun!

I played to 25. That was the max level that was given to me. That was the impression that was given to me. I was disappointed and bored. The purpose of the beta was to test content and provide feedback, not google Korean gameplay videos.
I think the classes as a whole are generic and unimaginative. They are the basic classes done in every typical MMO, none of them wowed me. Ranger was pretty cool and Shiring is unique, but the jailbait aspect ruined it completely for me. Neither is in the game. This is NA/EU version, not Korean version and the mods warned stuff from there could likely never make it over into this.
I had no problems soloing on my Priest and I rolled it because I only play healers in games. I prefer grouping in MMOs, but these days many cater to a casual soloer. For example I love Elder Scrolls Online, but the majority of the game is soloing, so it will never be a home for me. I just want a group focused MMO, let me heal you!

I turned off and down sound sliders but it disables ALL sound effects. Is there a reason you think I should not have an option to turn off the horrible voices when it has no impact on you keeping them on?

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